Take IT and Go Anywhere

Take IT and Go Anywhere

How to apply to schools:

You're interested in some IT careers and you need to know what the next step is.

The very best way to learn about college programs is to talk with real live people. Looking through college IT department websites is a great way to find out who to talk to, but the connection you make by talking with a professor will help you so much more than relying on websites alone.

• Check out the 'Start your IT Path' link on the left to find a school with a program that looks like a good fit. Here you can search by area and school and click to see what programs they have, and decide which is a perfect fit for you!

• If the department's website lists a professor for a course you're interested in, go ahead and call or email that professor. You can ask who the best person is to talk to about the program, what you need to have learned before you enter the program (program prerequisites), and get a feel for what to expect from various courses.

• If you can't see who teaches each course, you can look for the department faculty listings or

contact the department administrator and ask that person to point you in the right direction.

---> Not sure if a four-year school is for you? Check out some of the largest IT programs offered in Massachusetts here (PDF)

---> This blog post offers some great advice on navigating community colleges (and is written by a CC dean, so you know his info is good!).

We will ultimately have information on the application process for many of the listed programs, but for now contact the admissions office of the college you are interested in to learn the details. Other people who can help you do this are your school guidence counselor or advisor.

This site: KnowHow2Go.org, is a great place to learn how to get ready for college and stay motivated!!