Take IT and Go Anywhere

Take IT and Go Anywhere

Finding Research Opportunities


There is no limit to the advances that can be made in STEM research. Advances in these fields cannot be made without the help from bright young minds like yourself! Virtually all topics of computer Science and STEM education has an active area of research. Stay up to date on this list of research opportunities in computer science and STEM. Stay up to date on the current technological revolution.


REU summer program at Harvard School of Engineering and Applied

The Research Experiences for Undergraduates program based at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences offers 10-week internships in a variety of science and engineering topics, including scientific
computing, computer science, data security and privacy, robotics, as well as industrially relevant team-based projects in computational science and applied math.

SUMMER 2013 PROGRAM DATES: June 10 to AUG 17
Application Deadline: Mar 08 2013


mailto: reu@seas.harvard.edu


Texas Tech REU in Cybersecurity, Robotics, and Software

The Texas Tech NSF REU Site program provides the opportunity forundergraduate students to conduct research in cybersecurity, robotics, and software engineering through mentoring that guides students towards
becoming independent researchers in a welcoming and enrichingenvironment. Our goal is to influence students to conduct research in the engineering of secure and intelligent software systems and to instill in students the methods and desires to continue with graduate research in these disciplines. Each participant will receive a stipendof $5000, university residential housing and meal plan, and up to $600 in travelexpenses.

SUMMER 2013 PROGRAM DATES: June 03 to AUG 09
Application Deadline: Mar 08 2013



University of Texas Dallas NSF REU Summer Program

The Computer Science Department at the University of Texas at Dallas will conduct a ten-week summer research program funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) for ten undergraduates from May 28 to August 2, 2013. The focus is on " software safety ," however, the technology and skills learned by the students have general applicability to research and practice in their future studies.

Application Deadline: Mar 15 2013



Texas State University REU

Two Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Sites are accepting applications for Summer 2013 in the Computer Science Department at Texas State.

Research areas available:

Research Experiences for Undergraduates in New Paradigms of
Information Retrieval from Diverse Data http://reu.cs.txstate.edu/

Research Experiences for Undergraduates in Mobile Cyber-Physical
Systems (CPSs) http://reu-mcps.cs.txstate.edu/

Indiana University REU

Fifteen Indiana University computing faculty have listed more than 25 summer 2013 research projects available to undergraduate students in the following research domains: bioinformatics, cloud computing, complex systems, computer vision, data bases, data science, genomics, health informatics, high performance computing, human centered computing, computer vision, health informatics, music informatics, robotics, security, Super Computing at Exascale, and text mining. This full time research experience includes work in the lab with a faculty and PhD student mentor, weekly professional development colloquia series, social activities, and other benefits such as an optional GRE prep course, and a technical writing workshop.

SUMMER 2013 PROGRAM DATES: MAY 31 to July 26
Application Deadline: Mar 1 2013

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TThe Department of Computer Science at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst offers a 9 1/2-week summer research program for undergraduates in several areas of computing: Mobile and Sensor Networks, Information Retrieval, Data Mining, Learning Technologies, Robotics, Software Systems and Architecture and the application of computer techniques to Health and Safety, Dispute Resolution and Social Networks.

Application Deadline: FEB 22 2013



AccessComputing Alliance

The NSF funded AccessComputing Alliance is pleased to announce high school and undergraduate summer research oportunites for students with disabilities. The Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington and DO-IT (Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology) sponsor the AccessComputing project for the purpose of increasing the participation of people with disabilities in computing careers.

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The National Science Foundation REU

The NSF has a number of opportunities designed for bright ungraduate students looking to work for 8 to 10 weeks on an exciting STEM research program with a faculty mentor.

Click here to learn more about research opportunities and faculty mentors.


CRA-W/CDC Distributed Research Experiences for Undergraduates

This program matches promising undergraduates with a faculty mentor for a summer research experience at the faculty member's home institution. The objective of the DREU is to increase the number of women and students from underrepresented groups, including ethnic minorities and persons with disabilities, entering graduate studies in the fields of computer science and engineering. The DREU experience is invaluablefor students who are considering graduate school, providing them with a close-up view of what graduate school is really like and also increasing their competitiveness as an applicant for graduate admissions and fellowships.

Click here for an on-line Application for students and faculty mentors, more information about DREU, and webpages authored by previous participants


Center of Excellence in STEM Education at UTPA

Student Research Program at UTPA provides opportunities for students and faculty to conduct research together in areas of interest to the U.S. Dept. of Defense (DoD) with the goals of retaining students in STEM, increasing the number of students receiving bachelor’s degrees in STEM, and increasing the number of students who enter STEM graduate programs.

Click here to find opportunities, online applications, more information about University of Texas Pan American STEM education and several great resources for students.


UNM Health Science Center Summer Program

The Undergraduate Pipeline Network summer research experience will work to cultivate students' interest in research while helping them attain skills needed to apply for and succeed in post-baccalaureate education. The program provides the opportunity for students to choose from three types of research – basic science/laboratory, clinical/translational, and community-based. The program period covers 8 weeks and students participate in the program a minimum of 40 hours per week.

Click here to learn more about The University of New Mexico Biomedical Research Education Programs.


University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

The Houston Laboratory and Population Sciences Training Program in Gene-Environment Interaction (GxE), generously sponsored by the Burroughs Wellcome Fund, offers a summer program for outstanding college students with a strong background in science who are considering graduate school and a future career in biomedical research.

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MIT Lincoln Laboratory Summer Research Opportunities

The MIT Lincoln Laboratory's fundamental mission is to apply science and advanced technology to critical problems of national security, primarily working on sensors, information extraction (signal processing and embedded computing), and communications. A Department of Defense federally-funded research and development center, the Laboratory has a focused commitment to research and development, with an emphasis on building prototypes and demonstrating operation systems under live test conditions that meet real-world requirements.

Click here for eligibility requirements, program details, and the application process


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